Going Green in Your Laundry Room

Take a look at the back of your favorite laundry detergent. The ingredient list is probably hazy and ill-defined. First aid info and cautions abound. “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN” is prominently displayed.

And this is something we use on a regular basis? Making a few eco-conscious alterations is not only good for the environment, it’s much better for your health as well. But how to go green when it comes to laundry?

One of the easiest ways to change to a more eco-friendly laundry system is to switch to an environmentally-friendly detergent. Some detergents are labeled clearly as such – Seventh Generation, for instance – but it’s easy to check.

  1. Simply look for an eco-friendly laundry product that is phosphate-free and biodegradable. For an even better alternative, look for one made of natural ingredients, rather than petroleum-based.
  2. Avoid dry cleaning completely, as it is one of the worst offenders when it comes to being exposed to dangerous chemical concoctions.
  3. Using natural additives in your laundry is a far better choice than using purchased chemical additives. Use an aspirin tablet to brighten whites rather than bleach.
  4. For disinfection (good for diapers or undies), try a half cup full of vinegar or a few drops of essential oil such as lavender, tea tree, or lemon. Vinegar also works as a fabric softener in loads such as towels, shirts, and jeans.
  5. Baking soda or a lavender sachet works as a deodorizer.
  6. Line dry your clothes whenever possible. It not only saves on electricity, the sun bleaches out stains and leaves a pleasantly fresh scent. Avoid ironing, and use two or three tennis balls in the dryer to limit static and remove wrinkles.
  7. Using cold water instead of hot (heating the water takes most of the electricity used in a machine) reduces energy costs even further.
  8. If you can afford to upgrade your appliances, picking out extremely energy efficient washers and dryers can make a profound difference in the environmental impact of your laundry.

If not, then making these changes, along with wearing your clothes more between washes and using eco-friendly laundry products will still greatly reduce your negative impact on the environment and your family’s health.

How to Buy a Nexus One Phone?

Hey, what is that on the Google homepage? Google, a site generally known for its austere elegance, on January 6th declared the arrival of the new Google Nexus One phone.

Nexus One

Google has advanced the bar in the cellular phone market by launching the Google Nexus One phone. A cool smartphone that runs Google’s Android mobile OS, it’s the modernest smart phone that allows the purchaser select which network to apply it on.

Previously phones were “locked” to a wireless service provider. With the Google Nexus One it can be bought with a two year service contract from T-Mobile for $179 plus data plan and phone services. Or, pay $529 and insert the sim card from your current phone!

But be aware, it only uses sim cards that are GSM standard and doesn’t use CDMA standards. This means that your CDMA sim card from Verizon, Sprint and AT T; won’t work!

The good news for Verizon users is that Google will release a new Nexus One phone in Spring of 2010 for Verizon in the U.S. and Vodaphone in Europe.

Follow these steps to buy a Nexus One Phone:

Nexus One Phone

  1. Go to www.google.com/phone and take the virtual ‘tour’ of the Google Nexus One phone and choose if the Nexus One is your next cell phone.
  2. Before you start ordering, sign up for a Google check out account. Do this at www.checkout.google.com. Then, if you’re selecting to buy the more expensive option in which you are able to use your own sim card write down the type of sim card so that you are able to compare rapidly in the ordering cycle.
  3. Return to www.google.com/phone to buy the Google cell phone and click on “get your phone”. If you’re selecting the more expensive Nexus One plan click on the link that says, ‘will this work with my sim’ and apply the information you noted about your sim card in step 2 to check if your sim will work. If you’re selecting the T-mobile cell phone wireless plan click on the link, ‘check for coverage in your area’, then answer questions related to getting a new t-Mobile wireless plan or changing an existing one.
  4. Personalize the Nexus One Google cell phone by selecting your engraving in the following step! It will still ship within the next 72 hours even with engraving. Google Nexus One engraving lets a luxurious 23 characters on 2 lines and is placed near the bottom on the back of the phone. This will assist to personalize your cell phone.
  5. Proceed to Google Check Out and buy your phone and if applicable, your wireless service plan.


When you’re waiting for your smart phone to ship, visit the Android App store and search the selection of applications that you are able to download to your cell phone once it arrives.

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Why You Need to Take Care of Your Own Well Being, and How to Do it

Part of the nature of living in the twenty-first century is that our lives are filled with a great deal of hustle and bustle. For many of us, there always seems to be something that we need to get done.

You’re having to juggle between taking care of your kids, going to work, cleaning the house, attending classes, being intimate with your loved one, spending time with friends, running errands and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, while you are trying to be a responsible person by doing all these things, you are also neglecting a very important person-you.

The quality of your life decreases when you neglect yourself. Neglecting your needs can result in burn-out at work, rocky relationships and a lowered self-esteem.

For many people, women especially, neglecting oneself has become a habit-a bad, dangerous, destructive habit.

By eliminating some of those things that you do in your life and making time to pamper yourself, you can start to break this habit of neglecting yourself.

The elimination process can be a difficult one, but you must keep in mind that taking care of yourself is the most important thing in life, because if you can’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to take care of anything else.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t think about taking care of myself. I was attending graduate school, presiding as president of the psychology club, working as a counseling intern, attending parties and doing a lot of other miscellaneous things.

My plate of responsibilities and activities was fully loaded. I remember there were days that I felt like I had just raked myself through a pile of hot coals. When I looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t like what I saw.

I appeared tired and sick. I knew I was the one making myself look and feel the way I did. I also knew that I had to make a change, or I would be leading myself into a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental breakdown.

The first thing I did was to get rid of some of those responsibilities and activities that were filling my plate. I made a list of all the things that I did and arranged them from most to least important.

Then I cut the list in half. I decided to keep on my plate the things that were most important and put aside those things that were least important. When I eliminated the overload in my life, I noticed an immediate difference in how I felt and looked.

However, I still didn’t feel totally satisfied. I still felt I was neglecting myself and something needed to be done about it. I finally figured out that the only way I wouldn’t be neglecting my needs is if I made special time for pampering myself.

Pampering ourselves is essential to our total well-being. When we pamper ourselves, we feel refreshed and renewed and are better able to handle the responsibilities and activities in our lives.

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There are many ways that you can pamper yourself, and everyone has different ideas of what makes them feel pampered. One person may feel uncomfortable getting a massage from a masseuse, while another person can feel rejuvenated.

So find something that would make you feel good. Pampering should be incorporated into your daily schedule, at least once a day for twenty minutes.

The following are some suggestions:

  1. Get a massage.
  2. Go for a walk.
  3. Take time to smell the flowers.
  4. Take a hot bath with scented bubbles.
  5. Get a manicure or a pedicure.
  6. Hire a maid for a day to cook and clean for you.
  7. Make your favorite desert.
  8. Read a good book or magazine while sipping on your favorite hot chocolate.
  9. Rent a movie.
  10. Take a trip.
  11. Eat at your favorite restaurant.
  12. Get a new hairstyle.
  13. Buy a new outfit.
  14. Take a fun class.
  15. Exercise.
  16. Listen to your favorite music.
  17. Spend time doing something fun with the people you love.
  18. Get involved with crafts.
  19. Look at old photos that make you feel good.
  20. Go to a show.
  21. Have a picnic.
  22. Go dancing.
  23. Buy yourself flowers.
  24. Take a nap.
  25. Sit down, relax and reflect back on life.
  26. Spend time looking at the stars and make a wish.
  27. Light scented candles all over your house and treat yourself to a snack.
  28. Keep a journal.
  29. Treat yourself to a free makeover at a big department store.
  30. Give yourself a hug.
  31. Meditate.
  32. Play a game of solitaire.
  33. Write and send a letter to yourself, but don’t open it until one year later.
  34. Pretend you are somewhere far away and camp out in your backyard.
  35. Look in the mirror and tell yourself all the wonderful things you like about yourself.
  36. Buy an ozone generator to breathe the better air in

Use your imagination and creativity to further add to this list of pampering.

Is Depression Stealing Your Happiness

Depression is part of everyones life. Some experience a down feeling for a short period of time and others for a prolonged period of time. Some people experience depression often and others seldom.

If depression is experienced for long periods of time it is commonly referred to as major depression. There are several life situations that may contribute to major depression and there are resources available to deal with depression.

Depression steals you happiness and wellbeing. Depression sufferers often have great difficulty with everyday aspects of life, such as, difficulty in organizing your thoughts, concentrating on a particular event, and with personal relationships.

Life seems to be without purpose along with a feeling of being alone and that life is hopeless.

A continuing sequence of bad luck-personal disappointments- can after a period of time cause major depression. Other causes could be loss of a loved one, job loss or divorce. Depression can also result from an unbalanced diet.

That is often referred to as chemical depression. Nutrition is important for maintaining your bodies electrolyte balance for good body and mental health.

Many forms of help are available. A good place to start is with your attitude. Consider this,if you continue to remind yourself of unpleasant circumstances or events,life tends to return a self fulfilling prophesy.

Often a support group can be instrumental in helping to cope with depression or even alleviate the depression. Group therapy helps to understand that others experience similar problems and that you haven’t been singled out for life’s disappointments.

This understanding alone can be a tremendous help in the depression battle.

Medication can also be of help in reducing depression’s hold or in elimination depression altogether. Although seemingly to be a temporary relief, medication can produce long term benefits.

Medication can reduce the constant reminder of life’s or personnel disappoints that triggered the depression and allow your mind to concentrate on other life issues. Breaking the cycle of reliving personal disappointments is essential in reducing depression.

We have looked at diet as a cause of depression. A nutritional supplement of vitamins and essential minerals will work well here. Remember we need to break that everything goes wrong for me syndrome.

Again we can do this by looking closely at our attitude and how we present situations to ourselves. Also at times medication may allow us to concentrate on other life issues and reduce the influence that constant depressive thoughts have had on us.

Don’t let depression steal your happiness.

Peter Morrison has several interesting and informative articles about health related issues at Health Helpsite.

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Health Supplements to Rejuvenate Nervous System Essential in Today’s Busy Life

There are many health supplements which are required to enhance health and wellness of people. Since there are many such essential nutrients which are required for the proper functioning of our body, but are not naturally manufactured in our bodies.

The requirement of such nutrients can be met out by taking additional health and dietary supplements. Health Supplements to rejuvenate nervous system is also essential in today’s busy life.

People have such busy schedule and have to manage so many things at a time that many health issues crop up subsequently. If people have a good resistance, they can easily fight with such health issues, which can be had from additional nutritional health supplements.

In the busy life style of people, nervous system is mostly and badly affected. Insomnia, loss of memory and improper co-ordination of mind and body are the common problems being faced by the people.

Therefore, health supplements like Neurovit-MC and Neurovit-MC total can be very effective for their nervous system. These products can help a great deal in strengthening our nervous system.

Such nutritional supplements are also very effective for growing children as they help in increasing their memory power and making their nervous system stronger.

In children, proper co-ordination of mind and body is very important as they have to study, play and also get themselves involved in some or the other activities. As people grow older, their nervous system becomes weaker.

Elderly people usually lack a proper co-ordination of their mind and body. Hence, it becomes essential to look after our nervous system and make efforts to strengthen them so that such issues could not hamper our normal life.

The products like Neurovit-MC and Neurovit-MC total are also helpful in boosting confidence in people. They have also been effective for depression, anxiety and stress and stress-related issues.

Dementia and Alzheimer are the common diseases which people might have to face in case there is any issue related to nervous system.

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Brain being the most important part of our body can be controlled and its normal functioning can be assured if people start taking such nutritional health supplements as Neurovit-MC and Neurovit-MC total.

How to Get Out of a Bad Relationship Quick

Being in a bad relationship can destroy your overall well-being and not to mention your life. Do you feel you are in a bad relationship? If you answered, “yes” then it’s time to get out of it quick.

To help understand what is considered a bad relationship and how you can get out of a bad relationship quick, I have interviewed therapist Barry Cardiner MBA, MA, MFT.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“I have an undergraduate degree in business from Boston University, an MBA from NYU and my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Ryokan College.

I have been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice with offices in West Hollywood and Palm Springs California since 1998.”

What are some examples of a bad relationship?

“There are several types of bad relationships. One is with an abuser (either emotionally, or physically). Another is with an alcoholic or drug addict.”

What type of impact can a bad relationship have on a person’s overall life?

“Basically, they become spiritual bankrupt. They lose all sense of their needs, their trust or belief in themselves. There is generally an internalized sadness, with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

They tend to become more isolated from family and friends, and a bad relationship could jeopardize their career and their ability to pursue goals and interests they might have.

It could also have a financial effect, making you totally broke, or financially dependant on the other person.”

How can someone get out of a bad relationship quick?

“Have very clear boundaries and leave the person as well as cutting off all type of contact for 3 ‘” 6 months. By doing this, they will start to get their sense of themselves back and be able to see how bad it was.

There is nothing to communicate about leaving, just pack and go to a safe place. Be truthful to friends and family and seek their support to leave.”

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What if the other person uses verbal or physical abuse to prevent them from getting out of a bad relationship?

“When I work with individuals in this type of relationship, they need to plan an escape, and go to a safe house. If they use physical abuse, they should immediately call the police or let the person know they will put them away without hesitation.

If it is emotional abuse and threats, they can take away the power, by just saying, “If that is what you think or need to do, it is ok with me” and then pack and leave. Again, they need to cut off all communication for 3 -6 months if not for a long time.

These types of individuals are very predictable in what they say, as well as how they will respond.”

What type of help is available for someone who wants to get out of a bad relationship quick?

“Find a therapist who specializes in bad relationships. To leave an addict, there is alonon for support. In most cities, there are organizations for abused people to go to women’s shelters.”

Thank you Barry for doing the interview on how someone can get out of a bad relationship quick. For more information on Barry Cardiner or his work you can check out his website on www.barrycardinertherapy.com.

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