How to Get Out of a Bad Relationship Quick

Being in a bad relationship can destroy your overall well-being and not to mention your life. Do you feel you are in a bad relationship? If you answered, “yes” then it’s time to get out of it quick.

To help understand what is considered a bad relationship and how you can get out of a bad relationship quick, I have interviewed therapist Barry Cardiner MBA, MA, MFT.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“I have an undergraduate degree in business from Boston University, an MBA from NYU and my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Ryokan College.

I have been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice with offices in West Hollywood and Palm Springs California since 1998.”

What are some examples of a bad relationship?

“There are several types of bad relationships. One is with an abuser (either emotionally, or physically). Another is with an alcoholic or drug addict.”

What type of impact can a bad relationship have on a person’s overall life?

“Basically, they become spiritual bankrupt. They lose all sense of their needs, their trust or belief in themselves. There is generally an internalized sadness, with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

They tend to become more isolated from family and friends, and a bad relationship could jeopardize their career and their ability to pursue goals and interests they might have.

It could also have a financial effect, making you totally broke, or financially dependant on the other person.”

How can someone get out of a bad relationship quick?

“Have very clear boundaries and leave the person as well as cutting off all type of contact for 3 ‘” 6 months. By doing this, they will start to get their sense of themselves back and be able to see how bad it was.

There is nothing to communicate about leaving, just pack and go to a safe place. Be truthful to friends and family and seek their support to leave.”

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What if the other person uses verbal or physical abuse to prevent them from getting out of a bad relationship?

“When I work with individuals in this type of relationship, they need to plan an escape, and go to a safe house. If they use physical abuse, they should immediately call the police or let the person know they will put them away without hesitation.

If it is emotional abuse and threats, they can take away the power, by just saying, “If that is what you think or need to do, it is ok with me” and then pack and leave. Again, they need to cut off all communication for 3 -6 months if not for a long time.

These types of individuals are very predictable in what they say, as well as how they will respond.”

What type of help is available for someone who wants to get out of a bad relationship quick?

“Find a therapist who specializes in bad relationships. To leave an addict, there is alonon for support. In most cities, there are organizations for abused people to go to women’s shelters.”

Thank you Barry for doing the interview on how someone can get out of a bad relationship quick. For more information on Barry Cardiner or his work you can check out his website on

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