Is Depression Stealing Your Happiness

Depression is part of everyones life. Some experience a down feeling for a short period of time and others for a prolonged period of time. Some people experience depression often and others seldom.

If depression is experienced for long periods of time it is commonly referred to as major depression. There are several life situations that may contribute to major depression and there are resources available to deal with depression.

Depression steals you happiness and wellbeing. Depression sufferers often have great difficulty with everyday aspects of life, such as, difficulty in organizing your thoughts, concentrating on a particular event, and with personal relationships.

Life seems to be without purpose along with a feeling of being alone and that life is hopeless.

A continuing sequence of bad luck-personal disappointments- can after a period of time cause major depression. Other causes could be loss of a loved one, job loss or divorce. Depression can also result from an unbalanced diet.

That is often referred to as chemical depression. Nutrition is important for maintaining your bodies electrolyte balance for good body and mental health.

Many forms of help are available. A good place to start is with your attitude. Consider this,if you continue to remind yourself of unpleasant circumstances or events,life tends to return a self fulfilling prophesy.

Often a support group can be instrumental in helping to cope with depression or even alleviate the depression. Group therapy helps to understand that others experience similar problems and that you haven’t been singled out for life’s disappointments.

This understanding alone can be a tremendous help in the depression battle.

Medication can also be of help in reducing depression’s hold or in elimination depression altogether. Although seemingly to be a temporary relief, medication can produce long term benefits.

Medication can reduce the constant reminder of life’s or personnel disappoints that triggered the depression and allow your mind to concentrate on other life issues. Breaking the cycle of reliving personal disappointments is essential in reducing depression.

We have looked at diet as a cause of depression. A nutritional supplement of vitamins and essential minerals will work well here. Remember we need to break that everything goes wrong for me syndrome.

Again we can do this by looking closely at our attitude and how we present situations to ourselves. Also at times medication may allow us to concentrate on other life issues and reduce the influence that constant depressive thoughts have had on us.

Don’t let depression steal your happiness.

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