How to Buy a Nexus One Phone?

Hey, what is that on the Google homepage? Google, a site generally known for its austere elegance, on January 6th declared the arrival of the new Google Nexus One phone.

Nexus One

Google has advanced the bar in the cellular phone market by launching the Google Nexus One phone. A cool smartphone that runs Google’s Android mobile OS, it’s the modernest smart phone that allows the purchaser select which network to apply it on.

Previously phones were “locked” to a wireless service provider. With the Google Nexus One it can be bought with a two year service contract from T-Mobile for $179 plus data plan and phone services. Or, pay $529 and insert the sim card from your current phone!

But be aware, it only uses sim cards that are GSM standard and doesn’t use CDMA standards. This means that your CDMA sim card from Verizon, Sprint and AT T; won’t work!

The good news for Verizon users is that Google will release a new Nexus One phone in Spring of 2010 for Verizon in the U.S. and Vodaphone in Europe.

Follow these steps to buy a Nexus One Phone:

Nexus One Phone

  1. Go to and take the virtual ‘tour’ of the Google Nexus One phone and choose if the Nexus One is your next cell phone.
  2. Before you start ordering, sign up for a Google check out account. Do this at Then, if you’re selecting to buy the more expensive option in which you are able to use your own sim card write down the type of sim card so that you are able to compare rapidly in the ordering cycle.
  3. Return to to buy the Google cell phone and click on “get your phone”. If you’re selecting the more expensive Nexus One plan click on the link that says, ‘will this work with my sim’ and apply the information you noted about your sim card in step 2 to check if your sim will work. If you’re selecting the T-mobile cell phone wireless plan click on the link, ‘check for coverage in your area’, then answer questions related to getting a new t-Mobile wireless plan or changing an existing one.
  4. Personalize the Nexus One Google cell phone by selecting your engraving in the following step! It will still ship within the next 72 hours even with engraving. Google Nexus One engraving lets a luxurious 23 characters on 2 lines and is placed near the bottom on the back of the phone. This will assist to personalize your cell phone.
  5. Proceed to Google Check Out and buy your phone and if applicable, your wireless service plan.


When you’re waiting for your smart phone to ship, visit the Android App store and search the selection of applications that you are able to download to your cell phone once it arrives.

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